COCONUT MILK and its Utility in Authentic Thai Food Preparation

Freshly squeezed coconut milk is one of the top ingredients necessary for the preparation of many Thai cuisines. Preparing own coconut milk ensures the authenticity in the taste of the Thai cuisines. Therefore, if you are going to cook delicious Thai cuisine, then knowing how to prepare is going to be of great advantage.

Chefs from Uthong Thai Restaurant in Mornington say that even when packaged coconut milk is available in the market, they make sure that it is made at the restaurant itself to make the dishes scrumptious. With the in-house preparation, even the simple dish would taste superior.

Some of the dishes that need coconut milk as their main constituent are Haw Mok Plaa, Gang Keow Wan, Gang Dang Ped Yang, Choo Chee Goong, Gang Dang, Gang Mussaman, Gang Uthong, Khao Gati, Gang Pa Nang.

100% Pure Coconut Milk in Thai Dish is going to make the cuisine multiple times tastier.

Coconut Milk Vs. Coconut Cream


Well, to be precise, these two are basically derived from the mature coconut. On the one hand, coconut cream is the earliest stage of preparation and the obtained at the very first squeeze. It is creamy and rich. On the other hand, coconut milk is the processed form obtained by adding water to coconut cream.

Preparing the 100% Pure Coconut Milk


To obtain the coconut milk, it is necessary to have mature coconut with a hard brown shell and thick flesh inside.

According to an experienced head chef from one of the top restaurants in Mornington, “At times canned milk just cannot add the required flavour as coconut milk can”.

Getting Coconut Milk in the Best Way Possible


There are several steps involved in the preparation. The following are some of them–


Scrapping off all the flakes from the coconut flesh ensuring no brown flakes are coming out during the scrapping. Therefore, being gentle is the best way out to get things quickly.


The second step involves preparing 300ML of room water for 300g of coconut shaving obtained.

Pouring the regular temperature water onto the coconut shaving and then massaging them to mix them thoroughly and squeezing to obtain the coconut milk.

The water obtained at the bottom of the bowl is the coconut cream. Filtering the mixture would get you the purified coconut milk


This is where the difference lies in the Thai food preparation. The popular restaurants near Mornington smartly utilise the coconut milk and cream during the preparation of Thai cuisine.

NOTE:A bowl of coconut milk and cream is obtained. Some of the dishes use both of them for their preparation while keeping them separate is best for Thai cuisines.

“Eating the Thai Style”

Thai cuisines are all about a well-balanced flavour and variations.

Believe it or not- Along with the curry paste, coconut milk plays a crucial role in the Thai recipe preparation. The coconut flavour is always going to add flavour that is incomparable to none.


Canned coconut milk can be used in the preparation under strained condition. However, making the own milk will always put a difference in the taste of the popular dishes.

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